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Thursday, September 26, 2013

How Applying for Aid Affects Your UVa Application

During my visit to TJHSST (a high school in Fairfax County) today, a student asked about how changes to AccessUVa will affect our applicants. If you weren't aware, AccessUVa is the financial aid program that guarantees that the school will meet 100% of the need that's demonstrated by the financial aid forms. Talk about possible changes in the program have been happening for years.

While I was talking to the group, I realized that I haven't addressed how applying for aid affects an application on this blog. The short answer: applying for aid doesn't affect how we review your application.

When we're reading files. We aren't able to see any of the financial aid documents an applicant has filed. Those documents are between you and the folks in Student Financial Services. We are need blind in the Office of Admission. This is why I don't field questions about aid on this blog. Those questions are best answered by SFS.