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Monday, August 19, 2013

They're coming back!

The UVa Grounds are started to come alive again. The Corner is bustling, traffic is picking up, and parking spaces aren't as easy to get as they were a week ago. Members of the Cavalier Marching Band are already here and I've been seeing the new RAs around for a few days. The UVa Express, which picked international students up at Dulles airport, arrived about 40 minutes ago.

Why am I telling you this on the admission blog? Because you should try to avoid visiting us this weekend, when most students will be returning to Charlottesville. The UVa police and the residence hall staff keep things moving all weekend long, but be aware that it will take much, much longer to get here than your GPS tells you it will. Once you get to town, you might get mixed in with the lines of cars headed to the first year residence halls. Here's what that looked like a couple years ago when CavDog and I wandered around during move-in:

To anyone from the incoming class who might read this, please travel safely! When you get to your hall, there will be greeters there to help you. They are amazing volunteers who can often get a car unloaded in less than 15 minutes. Once your things are in your room, you can park your car away from the dorm (I think most people use the stadium lot) and get settled.

For more information:
Move-in Information and Tips from the Office of Orientation & New Student Programs
Detailed information about move-in day from the Housing Office