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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The 2013-2014 Common App is Live!

If you're checking an admission blog, then you were probably aware when the new Common Application launched on August 1st. I've been playing around in there for a month or so at this point and I am really impressed with how things are presented in the redesigned site.

I hope my Common App colleagues won't be upset that we used to say the Common App looked like a tax form. The user interface is now clean and sleek. The application is dynamic, so if you answer a question that requires follow up, a new question will appear. On the flip side, if questions don't apply to you, you won't see them. For example, there is a question asking if you believe you are eligible for in-state tuition. Answer yes, and residency questions appear. Answer no, and you move on without seeing residency questions.

The dynamic nature of the new Common App should mean less time spent navigating general, biographical questions, which will hopefully mean applicants have more time for thinking about the written portions of the application, which is where applicants often distinguish themselves.

Have you poked around in the new Common App yet? If so, what are your initial impressions?