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Friday, May 03, 2013

In case you were curious...

I posted a picture from CavDog's family reunion at Chris Greene Lake (just north of town) earlier this week and promised to reveal identities after decisions were due. If you're curious, here's the run down of who is in the picture.

CavDog is on the far right, still drenched from spending two hours jumping into the lake to chase his favorite toy. The other dogs dried off a little bit before the picture, but CavDog had to be convinced to come out of the water for the line up.

Interestingly, his sister Lita has allegiance to our sister school that is about three hours south of Charlottesville. We believe the rest are Wahoos.

Have a wonderful weekend! We'll be done for the day in another hour or so and will pick up with the waiting list review on Monday.