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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Notification Update

What does that mean?

This better not be a joke.

We're done. Seriously. We're DONE!

Hooray! No more reading! More playing ball!

So, why don't we just release these decisions and get on with the fun stuff? We usually plan to be done on a Friday so you can view your decision at home and have a couple days before you go back to school, but we think you've waited long enough. We're going to release decisions tonight.

Decisions will post on Thursday, March 21, 2013 after 5:30 PM EDT!
(yep, that's tonight)
Happy Notification Day!

Now, this part is important: when decisions get posted, the system was hammered. Opening multiple windows slows the system down considerably. It might even kick you out and make you log in again. The SIS people are dedicating every bit of the servers to this release, but just be aware that you might experience an extremely slow SIS for a few hours.

I'm going to post a few entries between now and the end of the day to answer common questions.  I'll post admission statistics on Monday and answer as many questions as possible over the weekend. 

ETA: There is no need to call our office to confirm this. I wouldn't post this if we weren't notifying you today.