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Friday, November 02, 2012

To Those Affected by Sandy

I rarely share personal information on the blog because I want the message to be more important that who I am.  However, I feel I have to deviate from that practice right now.

I am from New Jersey. While I have been a passionate resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia for seven years, I am proud of my roots and proud of how my home rebounds time and again when tragedy strikes.  Though I've been shocked by the images and stories that friends from back home have shared this week, I am also affected by the countless examples of selflessness and compassion that they've shared as well.

If you are reading this from an area affected by Sandy and are without power, you may be worried about your applications.  We realize that you can't predict when power will be restored.  We know that some of your counselors and teachers won't have access to their offices or classrooms for a while, too.  We will work with you.  Contact us by phone (or email, if you have a device charged) on Monday if you still without power.