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Monday, November 12, 2012

A Word about Early Action Notification

We've only just begun reviewing early action applications and people are already asking when we'll be releasing decisions.  I think College Confidential had three threads on this topic alone over the weekend.

While we want to work quickly, we also want to be thorough in our review. We use a holistic review process, which means we don't have numeric cut offs or minimums. We read every application.  This takes time.  We say that we'll be done by the end of January. This is only our second year with an early action process, so it's hard to say what's "typical" for this part of the process.  Know that as soon as we are done with the entire review, we will release decisions. No one wants to delay this process.

The wait will feel long.  That's to be expected when you are eager for news.  CavDog is here to take your mind off things and given you a little comic relief.

 Hang in there!