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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Scenes from the School of Architecture

I happened to be in Campbell Hall, the home of UVa's School of Architecture, early one Saturday morning recently and decided to take a few pictures.  The school's website has lots of great photos (check out the Fabrication, History & Culture, and Environmentpages for some of my favorites), but it was fun to explore a little bit.

I'm not an architect and I don't have any training in the area, so I don't know exactly what we're looking at in the picture above.  I thought it had some praying mantis-like qualities.

Even though it was very early, there were a few students working on models at their stations in the big workshop...

Someone obviously moved their class outside one afternoon...this image below is of a wall that's outside in a little garden-type space.

If you're thinking of visiting Grounds while class is in session, you can sign up for a special tour of the School of Architecture via their tour request form.