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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

DOTL update

As many of you are away, the response for Days on the Lawn has been amazing.  We hit capacity for each date except Scholars Day pretty quickly.  We opened up some more spots on each day, but most of those filled up (there are still a few spots open for this Friday, April 8th).

The crowds at these events are going to be large.  We want to make sure you're aware that there are other days you can visit and have a great experience.  Check out the Plan a Visit page on our website to see what you can do if you visit on a non-DOTL day.  You can still attend classes (we have open classes most of the year) and the Monroe Society is happy to take overnight visit requests.

In addition, we have planned an admitted student program on Monday, April 25th.  The program will include a tour of Grounds (the guides change things up a little bit for admitted students, by the way), sessions run by the schools of Engineering, Architecture, and Nursing (like the ones they have on DOTL), and a student and faculty panel discussion.  We'll have our usual tours and information sessions on those days as well. 

We've set up a special registration site for for the Monday, April 25th program.