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Friday, April 22, 2011

Days on the Lawn #5


It's the fifth Days on the Lawn!  I can't believe the DOTL season is coming to a close.  CavDog has had a great time meeting all the visitors (though some have no idea who he is and why he's here).  I brought him to Grounds hoping we would avoid the rain and so far, we've only had a few sprinkles.  If the weather holds, we'll be outside Peabody Hall at lunch time, when he'll be thrilled to get a little more quality time with students.
If it starts to rain, I'll be inside Peabody Hall with CavDog all afternoon.  Feel free to come in and say hello!

If you've already visited, I hope you have fond memories of your time here and I hope your visit has helped to narrow down your options.  May 1st is around the corner!