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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Missing credentials emails to be sent shortly

About 1,500 of you are going to be receiving an email from us asking for document in the next few days.  Keep in mind that we want your application to be complete and "ready to read."  If you get one of these emails, we aren't mad and you aren't in trouble.  Do not panic.  Calmly, but quickly, get us the missing item.

If getting the missing document to us requires a visit to your counselor, keep in mind that they probably sent the item, but it was somehow lost in transit.  I cringe at the thought of someone flying into the counseling office in a panic, accusing staff of not submitting credentials.

If you do not get an email, relax.  Do not send us a document unless we have asked for it.  Sending duplicates slows down the processing of documents we really need to complete other students' files.

The only kind of duplicates we like (CavDog has 11 siblings)