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Friday, February 04, 2011

A huge improvement for Notes from Peabody

I installed a commenting platform on the blog yesterday that will make it much, much easier to see my replies to your questions.  Up until now, I've posted long comments full of my replies.  I would bold the name of the person asking (and even though I plead with folks not to use the Anonymous button, it seemed like most did) and answer the question.  If you didn't know the question asked, you had to scroll up through the comments to find it.

Now, we can all reply to comments directly underneath them.  I love threaded comments.

In addition, there are now "like" buttons on the posts.  I guess because of Facebook's extensive use of "the like," people are used to being able to quickly register their approval of a post.

Below the comments, the new platform also reproduces any tweets that lead to the entry.  It's a nice way for me to see who is talking about what's happening at Notes from Peabody and it might introduce us all to Twitter profiles we didn't know about before.

Obviously, we're all testing these features out right now.  If you're something you like or don't like about the new format, let me know in the comments.  If you want to be "anonymous" on this blog, that's fine, but you now have to pick a name (it can be made up...see the screen shot below).  It's a little frustrating on my end to constantly be responding to "Anonymous."