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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

To worry or not to worry?

We're processing right now.  We're going to be processing for a few weeks.  While we're working on that, I thought I'd make a list of things you should worry about and things you shouldn't worry about right now.

Things you should worry about:
-checking your Common App account at to make sure that all three parts of your application are submitted.  If you didn't submit each part of the application, we did not get anything.  Submitting one item did not automatically submit the other items.

Things you should not worry about:
-your status on the UVa SIS
-your status on the UVa SIS  (seriously)
-your status on the UVa SIS  (really, I promise)

It will take us a few weeks to process everything we have gotten.  Right now, your "to do" list on the SIS may have items on it that have already arrived in our office, but haven't been checked in and matched up to your file.  I heard about a school that doesn't even let students check their status until February.  Part of me thinks that's a great idea.  Part of me thinks it would drive students crazy!  I wonder if it prompts more calls/emails from people who want to verify that items have arrived.  That reminds me...

Please do not call asking us to verify receipt of credentials.

Our staff needs to process.  They can not check on documents for you.  This is what the SIS will be for at the end of the month.

Oh, and because I haven't posted a picture in a little bit, here are photos of the two things college admission folks hate the most at this time of year:

Staples have to be removed so we can scan things into the system

 Special packaging. 
Everything gets yanked right out of these folders and binders so we can scan the contents.  
Please, please save your money and stop using these things!