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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another installment of Q & A with Dean J

I normally answer questions in posts, but I fear that people don't go back to the comments to see my replies.  So, here are answers to some recent questions.

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Anonymous said...Dean J, I have a MAJOR problem. I submitted my application on November 27th, 2010, but I noticed that on my 'To-do list' it says that I'm missing three official transcripts. I didn't worry about it at first since you said not to worry....but 
Please see any bold, red line in a post written in the last week.  Do not worry!

Anonymous said...I have a major issue that i feel may undercut your opinion of me as an applicant to UVa. I entered the wrong DOB by one number, a clear typo , onto the common application website and submitted, before seeing the mistake.
You're right.  This is a big deal.  Our system uses a few data points to match credentials up to files and date of birth is one of them.  Email immediately with this information.

D's Mother said...DeanJ, We are new to the UVA application process. I know that you say not to worry about trascripts and other high school matters, but the other schools we applied to already had our sat/act scores matched up when we logged on to our account. How can you see if your scores are recorded; we started sending scores to UVA in September. Sorry in advance if this question has been asked before. 
The status page shows what is left to do for an application.  If your son/daughter does not see standardized testing on the checklist, it no long has to be completed.

Anonymous said...I thought I had sent in my SAT scores, but I'm pretty sure I was mistaken. If I sent them now through collegeboard, would I be penalized since they would be so late? 
Regardless, I hope you sent the scores already!  You will not be penalized.

 Anonymous said...Dean J, I have a MAJOR problem. I selected fee wavier for my payment on the common application but I negelected to notice that payment options must be faxed by that date. I thought that it had to be faxed by January 10th. My College Partnership advocated just faxed the fee waiver form today. Does that mean that my application is invalid. Please say that this is a problem that can be easily fixed, because I reallly want to go to UVA!!! 
No, it means your application is probably now complete.  This is not a major problem.

wondering said...Hi, Dean J. I just won a local award. Is this information I should send on to admissions? I know you are flooded with information right now, so I thought I would check. 
 To be perfectly honest, one award is not going to make or break an application.  Consider asking your counselor to mention it when your mid-year report is sent.

Lynn said...Hi again! I've already asked what to do if I'm being prompted to send a transcript from a college where I only participated in an enrichment program.
Please see any bold, red line in a post written in the last week.  Do not worry!

Anonymous said...Hi, Dean J. I sent my application for UVA in December and selected fee waiver as my payment option. I was unaware that I had to fax the fee waiver information on Jan.1st. My College Partnership advocate faxed the information yesterday but to the wrong fax number. I was extremely scared that my application would not be read so I asked my parents if I could use their credit card to pay for the application today. Does that mean that my application will not count? 
 I hope you looked up the correct fax number.  It's on our website, in the application instructions.  Your application counts and you should use the fee waiver option since you have a fee waiver.

Anonymous said...Dean J,I live in Frederick County Virginia and I have heard people say that our school/county doesn't get very good results from UVA. Will this count against me in any way? Also, I believe that my transcript is great except that my SAT scores are a little lacking, should I worry? I'm taking my SAT II's this month and I'm worried that you guys won't get them in time. 
 The town, county, region, etc. is not a factor in our review.  Please read past posts.  I have discussed how we read and how geography comes into play.  You are either a Virginia resident or you are not in this process.  The Commonwealth of Virginia mandates a quota for Virginia residents, but there are no quotas for counties or regions.

1hopeful said...I know you said not to contact the admissions office until february when you update everything, but
Please see any bold, red line in a post written in the last week.  Do not worry!

AnxiousApplicant said...I know of another applicant or two who have attached to their applications a resume of their activities that I worked so hard to condense and fit into the activities section of the common app!Should i do the same and mail one in now since there was more that I could have added? I submitted mid-Dec and all my items are in according to the status page, so it's possible I've already been read. Please advise... 
 I've been pretty open about my feeling on resumes.  I don't like them.  The chart is sufficient and it prompts you to present the information we need in a consistent format.  For those who have something extra to tell us, there is a text box below that chart. 

collegecupcake said...Regarding Mid year Reports:

When I got my schedule in January, I found out that I had actually signed up for level Government, and not AP. I changed my senior courses in the Common App so they would be correct.

I know my school will send a Mid year report listing my correct grades/courses for the fall semester and courses for spring semester.

Am I in trouble because my SECONDARY SCHOOL REPORT FORM differ from my COMMON APP AND MIDYEAR REPORT in my Government class? Do I have to notify colleges with an explanation of this change and how do I notify them? Or will the college recognize schedule changes are normal? I just honestly thought I signed up for AP, but I guess I didn't. I don't want this to reflect poorly on my admission.

Whoa!  Seeing a message with caps at 6 AM was not how I expected to start the day.  You all know that's "shouting" so please don't do it. It makes me think there's some sort of emergency!

Yes, we notice changes.  Make sure your counselor mentions what happens.