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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A quick note about the Common Application and timing

I got a call yesterday from a mother who was pretty worried that her son hadn't received a confirmation email from UVa about the submission of his application. She cited the application instructions, which state that students will receive an email containing Student Information System login information within 4-5 days of submitting their application.

Had the mother been here in person, I first would have hugged her for actually reading the application instructions. We pore over them to make sure they are thorough, but it's apparent that many (dare I say most?) don't read them.

It is very, very early in the application season. So early, that we are not yet taking delivery of applications from the Common App system. If you are one of the intrepid students who submitted an application via Common App already, you can probably see on your main Common App page that it has not been downloaded yet. That means it is resting in the Common App system for a little while. When we start up the Common App's scheduled delivery service (the automatic process that feeds your applications to us in the wee hours each morning), you'll see that download item update. Within four or five days of that download, you'll be getting an email from our system with your login information.

For now, you should make sure to add UVa's admission email addresses to your address book, which will hopefully limit the chance of our email going to your spam folder. Those email addresses are and Don't worry about your confirmation email just yet.

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