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Friday, May 22, 2009

These kids are good: CMB Colorguard

This is the time of year when Grounds start getting taken over by campers of all sorts. Between the American Physics Society (on Grounds currently...what a rowdy bunch those physicists are), sports camps, academic camps, orientation, and UVa students here for the summer jobs or coursework, there's actually a bit more activity on Grounds during the summer than you'd expect.

One of my favorite times during the summer comes when the different groups associated with the marching band are on Grounds. I've mentioned the band and my admiration for them in the past, but I didn't really touch on the CMC Colorguard, which is one of a few specialty groups within the marching band (I think the others would be the drum line and the twirlers). Anyway, Colorguard has a nice little website, a Youtube channel, and their own summer camp before the larger band camp. One of their alumnae also maintains a Flickr page with photos from the past few years.

I know absolutely nothing about being in colorguard, twirling things, or being in a marching band, but between the websites to which I linked above and this fantastic video hosted on the CMC Colorguard's website (some of the best parts are towards the end!), I find myself trying to figure out a way to be part of this group...or at least sit with them at games. Their section looks like a lot more fun than where I sit at Scott Stadium.

Perhaps CavDog could beat a drum with his wagging tail...

*Incoming first years: if you're interested in being part of the colorguard or the band, you might want get in touch with those groups now so you can come to camp.