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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Get ready, waitlisters!

The inevitable is going to happen. We're going to go to the waitlist. I don't know exactly when or how many we'll take (so please, don't ask me about either in the comments), but there's something those of you on the waitlist need to do now to be in a position to accept an offer if it comes your way.

You need to make sure your Financial Aid application is complete. Student Financial Services will create aid packages for waitlist applicants who are offered admission, but if you have an incomplete application right now, they probably won't be able to give you a package by the time we'll be asking you to commit. We usually give students offered off the waitlist one week to commit to UVa.

So, log into the SIS and check the finance section. If you are on the waitlist and there are items left on the SFS checklist, get them done NOW. It's amazing how many students never looked at the instructions for applying for aid and didn't file the UVa specific form.