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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Process reminder

CavDog wants you to go outside and smell the spring flowers

The frantic phone calls about decisions have begun. A few things to remember: the notification date (written on every time line and publication) has always been April 1st. Early notification is something we aim for, but can't guarantee.

As I've stated in the past, we don't want to hold onto your decisions, but we also want to be thorough and careful with each student's decision letter. A parent called to ask why we didn't mail letters as soon as they were printed. That's not how we operate and I honestly think that would cause a lot of heartache a school (Jenny could get her letter on Monday, but Bobby might not get his until Friday).

We do not give decisions out over the phone. Your letter is your official notification.

For those who haven't followed my suggestion and looked at past entries about decisions, let me explain again how this works.

1. We print all the letters.
2. We put all the letters in envelopes.
3. We send all the letters to the mail room.
4. The letters are run through a machine that meters (stamps) and seals them.
5. The letters are released into the US Postal Service system.

Last year, the process wrapped up on March 30th.

As I've mentioned many times before, it will take a few days to print all the letters, fold them, and put them in their envelopes. If it looks like we will mail before the notification date, as promised, I will let you know on this blog. The frequency of my posting should tell you that I really try to keep you in the loop. No need to hammer your status pages...I will let you know a specific date and time to check for decisions online.

As much as I love to read your comments, think about whether you need to step away from the blog and message boards for a few days to give yourself a rest from thinking about all this. The traffic on this blog is hitting record levels this week. I'd love to think that's because you're enjoying CavDog pictures, but I know better.