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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

**NOTE: The follow is not to be taken seriously**

I was going to call this entry "Why you shouldn't write about Fahrenheit 451 or DMB", but I imagined panic stricken applicants running to their guidance counselors in tears and thought the disclaimer would be better.

What I'm writing about is NOT scholarly research. It is NOT statistically significant. It is NOT being taken seriously. It is just for entertainment.

A grad student at CalTech has analyzed the favorite books and musicians that students have listed as their favorites on Facebook and their SAT scores. He has come up with a chart that purports to show a relationship between the two. Again, this is more funny than anything and I'm sharing it because I think it'll give you a little breather from the admission talk.

You can see notes about how the student did this, the schools involved, and the test results on Books that Make You Dumb and Music that Makes You Dumb.
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