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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Snail Mail Clarification

It occurred to me that some students might think we were mailing hard copies of your decision letters at 6:30 PM last night, making today the first day they could be processed by the post office.

We actually mailed the letters around mid-day yesterday, so they should be making their way to your home as I type.

Please be sure to read your letters. They aren't just one line for a reason. There's some important information in them for those of you who were admitted and deferred.

Those of you who were admitted will probably experience a reduced amount of communication from us until we finish regular decisions. For now, check out the Office of Orientation and New Student Programs' admitted student website. The "Hoos Got a Question" link is a way to ask current students questions that you might not find the answers to on the UVa website.