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Monday, December 11, 2006

AP Study Hall: What will they think of next?

While I work on an ultra serious entry about the Echols & Rodman Programs, I thought I'd share something that made us laugh here in the Office of Admission.

Every year, we come across a few transcripts that list Honors PE, Health or Driver's Ed. It always gives us a chuckle. A few weeks ago, our Dean came across a new one: AP Study Hall. Of course, the idea had us in stitches, wondering what sort of advanced topics were covered and how grades were determined.

Of course, an inquiry was made and the answer came back from a counselor who probably never realized how the "course" looked to those not familiar with her school. At this particular high school, students who take four or more AP courses can opt to take a study hall as part of their schedule.

So, a little lesson for the applicant. Try to look at your application from an outsider's perspective. If there are acronyms or special distinctions that are unique to your school, write us a little note about them. Similarly, there's no need to explain what FBLA is unless it does not stand for Future Business Leaders of America at your school.