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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Show me the money!

When I have a little extra time at the end of my information sessions, I try to talk a little bit about scholarships. I've heard about so many interesting ones, but despite financial aid search engines all over the web, many students seem unaware of all the money that's out there.

A colleague of mine put together a comprehensive list of all the scholarships we have at UVA and I thought I'd profile some of them. We're working on getting them all on our website (we're launching a new Office of Admission website this summer), but until then, I thought this might be a good place to post that information.

The Jefferson Scholarship
A full tuition scholarship sponsored by the Alumni Association.

Criteria: Excellence in leadership, scholarship and citizenship

Selection Process:
Candidates are nominated by participating schools (see website for more info) and interviewed locally by alumni panels. Finalists attend a selection weekend in Charlottesville in early spring and notified of awards around May 1st.

Special Notes:

-The Office of Admission may nominate "at large" candidates who do not go to nominating schools.
-International students are eligible and have been awarded this scholarship.

The University Achievement Award
About 50 full tuition scholarships awarded to exceptional students from Virginia who will add to the diversity of the student population.

Criteria: Virginia residency, academic merit, leadership, need and citizenship. A student must also satisfy at least two of the following conditions: (1) have a history of overcoming disadvantage; (2) be a first generation college student; (3) be a member of an underrepresented minority or ethnic group; (4) be a member of a low income family; (5) reside in a rural or inner-city location; (6) have been raised in a single parent household.

Selection Process: A committee reviews all applicants from Virginia for possible awards. Award notifications are sent in early April.

Faculty/Staff Undergraduate Scholarship
Need-based scholarship for children of full-time faculty or staff. The average award is $3,000. Open to first year and transfer students.

Criteria: Parent must be employed by the University full-time for at least one year; student must be in good academic standing.

Selection Process: Student must complete all Financial Aid paperwork by March 1st and submit a separate application for the scholarship (link opens a PDF).

The Holland Scholarship
Administered by the Holland Alumni Board and Ron Brown Foundation. Provides a $10,000 (Virginian) or $20,000 (out of state student) scholarship annually to outstanding African American students.

Criteria: Demonstrated love of learning, academic achievement, involvement and leadership.

Selection Process: All African American applicants are reviewed by a committee. Finalists attend a selection weekend in Charlottesville. Award notifications are sent in late March/early April.

The Ridley Scholarship
Awards for African American students administered by The Black Alumni Association. Renewable for four years.

Criteria: African Americans demonstrating financial need, academic performance, leadership, and community service. Must maintain full-time enrollment, 2.0 GPA and be involved in university organizations.

Selection process: All African American applicants are sent application information between December and March. Applicants must submit their responses by March 30th. A selection committee reviews applicants and makes award notifications in mid-April.

Special Notes: The Ridley Board administers a number of other scholarships as part of The Ridley Scholarship. The pages linked below include information about specific funds, some with stories about the students for whom the funds are named.
The Gregory Raven Batipps Memorial Fund
The Ravenell Ricky Keller III Scholarship
The Meikel Andrade Memorial Scholarship
Annetta Thomapson Fund
Richmond/Ridley Endowed Scholarship
The Guinee Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

Virginia Engineering Scholarship
Scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 for outstanding minority applicants to the engineering school. Administered by the Director of Minority Programs* in the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Criteria: Strong performance in the sciences, leadership potential, involvement, and research interests.

Selection Process: All minority applicants to the engineering school are reviewed. Award notifications are sent in early May.

*This might be from old documentation. SEAS now has a Center for Diversity in Engineering that may oversee this award.

Berkley and Susan Fontaine Minor Foundation Scholarship
Scholarship awarding $4,000 annually to two outstanding students from West Virginia.

Criteria: West Virginia residency, superior academic achievement, involvement and leadership

Selection Process: All applicants from West Virginia are reviewed by the Office of Admission for possible award. Finalists are recommended to the Minor Foundation. The Foundation notifies award winners in April.

H. Kruger Kaprielian Scholarship
Need-based scholarship awarded to a student of Armenian descent.

Criteria: US citizen or permanent resident with Armenian ancestry.

Selection Process:
Candidates must submit a letter to the Office of Financial Services to be considered.

Charles F. Wonson Scholarship
A need-based award given to a graduate of Robert E. Lee High School in Staunton, VA.

Criteria: Attendance at Robert E. Lee High School, good academic standing.

Selection Process: Admitted applicants from Robert E. Lee High School are automatically awarded this scholarship in their financial aid packages.

Glover Scholarship
Award given every four years to one student, worth approximately $6660. Next award year: 2007.

Criteria: Attendance at Lynchburg, VA area high schools, good academic standing.

Selection Process: A local alumni committee oversees selection process. Area high schools are sent application information.

V. Thomas Foreland, Jr. Scholarship
A merit and/or need based scholarship of approximately $3,000 awarded to two students from Chesapeake, VA who attended Oscar F. Smith High School, Norfolk Academy, or Nansemond-Suffolk Academy.

Criteria: Attendance at one of the above schools, good academic standing.

Selection Process: Office of Financial Aid reviews all applicants from the geographic area for possible award. Notification sent in April.

George E. Hamovit Memorial Scholarship
Need based award of $1,500 to $3,000, renewable each year, given to a student from Petersburg, VA who attended Petersburg High School.

Criteria: Petersburg, VA residency, strong academic standing, demonstrated need.

Selection Process: Office of Financial Aid reviews all applicants from Petersburg for possible award.

Zirkle Scholarship
A $2,000 award for students of Rockingham County/Harrisburg/Staunton, VA, renewable each year. Three students are typically selected for the award.

Criteria: Residency in areas listed above, good academic standing, financial need.

Selection Process: Office of Financial Aid and the Alumni Association consider all applicants from eligible area. Top candidates given to the local alumni chapter for review.

Mississippi Scholarship
A need-based award of approximately $7,500 given to an African American student from Mississippi. Next award will be made in 2009.

Criteria: Mississippi residency, good academic standing

Selection Process: All African American applicants from Mississippi are considered. Award notifications made in early April.

Mellon Scholarship
A one-time $2,000 award given to a non-traditional student attempting to complete a degree. Often given to transfer students.

Criteria: Non-traditional student in good academic standing

Selection Process: All non-traditional students are automatically reviewed by the transfer admission dean. Nominations sent to the Alumni Association and notification is made in May.

Bailey Tiffany Scholarship
A grant for residents of Accomack or Northampton County, VA. Award typically covers tuition and fees.

Criteria: Residency in Accomack or Northampton County, VA.

Selection Process: Automatically awarded as part of the Financial Aid package.

Margaret E. Phillips Scholarship
Awarded to students striving to become Ministers in the Protestant Episcopal Church in America. Amount varies.

Criteria: Interest in religious studies with intention to become and Episcopal minister.

Selection Process:
Candidates must submit a letter to the Office of Financial Services to be considered.

Special Note: Rarely applied for.

Warwick High School Class of 1952 Scholarship
A $100 award to students from Warwick High School (VA).

Criteria: Attendance at Warwick High School, good academic standing

Selection Process: All students offered admission from Warwick High School are invited to apply. Award is deposited directly into the winner's account in the University Bursar's office.

Los Angeles Alumni Club Scholarship
Award for LA area residents administered by the Alumni Association chapter.

Criteria: Residency in the Los Angeles area, good academic standing

Selection Process: A local alumni panel reviews all applicants from LA for the award.

Special Notes: Need considered, but not strictly a need-based award.

Other places to look for UVA scholarships:
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Center for Undergraduate Excellence scholarship page
Harrison Undergraduate Research Awards ($3.000 for current students interested in research)
Computer Science Wiki (engineering school)
SEAS Career Development scholarship page
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