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Monday, April 27, 2020

Meete Alexi, a #UVA Student from Chicago who is Active in the Arts!

Alexi is a member of one of the premier dance orgnaizations at UVA, so it's fitting that she is providing an introduction to getting involved in the arts at UVA. If you're interested in studying or being involved in the arts here, don't miss the UVA Arts website!
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My name is Alexi Comella and I am a third-year student from outside Chicago studying history and public policy. I have been a dancer my entire life, and when I started school at UVA, I knew that I wanted to continue dancing in college as well. Lucky for me, UVA has great opportunities to get involved in the arts, particularly within student organizations or CIOs. CIOs, or contracted independent organizations, are our 800+ student groups that are independent from the university. Each group’s leaders are responsible for membership, appealing to Student Council for funds, and pursuing their mission. I think this is a great opportunity for us Wahoos to take charge of the groups we’re passionate about.

Student organizations are a great opportunity for making friends and finding your place at UVA! Not only are these student groups a place to come together with people who share your same passion, but they are social organizations as well. You can find my dance friends and I outside the studio hiking humpback rock early in the morning, studying in the library together late at night, or laughing over burgers on any given Saturday. As an out of state student, I found my home and my place at UVA through my dance group and through these amazing friends I was able to make my first year in college. 

The dance organization I am a part of, the University Dance Club, is just one of over a hundred visual and performing arts groups on grounds. There are dance groups ranging from those that practice and perform any and all styles of dance to those that specialize in salsa dancing, aerial dancing, ballet and more. UVA boasts a unique array of a cappella groups, from one that was featured in Pitch Perfect (shoutout Hullabahoos) to a group that is specifically for people who can’t sing at all (shoutout No Tones)! There are arts organizations like comedy groups, choirs, a symphony orchestra, a fashion organization, photography club, and so! much! more! I love UVA for a lot of reasons, but I am so happy I go to a school that has a diverse arts community within an amazing array of student organizations.