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Friday, March 27, 2020

Meet Vinny T, a #UVA Engineering Student from Fairfax

We have another installment of our student guest blogger series! I'm so excited to have a student from my Fairfax territory taking over the blog. Vinny has offered to answer your questions in the comments today. If you'd prefer to reach out on social media, Vinny is @VinnyThota on Twitter and @therealvineeth on Instagram.
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Hey All! I’m Vinny Thota, a Third year Systems Engineering major in the E-School from Fairfax County, Virginia. Although I reside in Charlottesville, I will always be a Centreville kid! A few of my interests include playing and watching sports, especially basketball, giving back to the community with non-profit work, and hanging out with my friends at various areas of Grounds. If someone were to describe me, I am a bright, smiling, full of boundless energy and desire individual who loves to work hard.

As a UVa student, I can undoubtedly declare that I am living the best life for a college student. From the beautiful architecture of every historic building, especially the Rotunda, to the amazing, genuine people you meet at every corner of Charlottesville, University of Virginia truly is the happiest place on Earth.

Academics are on another atmosphere in Charlottesville. The classes are truly beneficial and demanding, but I can say it will push you to limits you wouldn’t fathom. Every student at UVa puts their studies first, which is awesome, but students are also involved in many activities. For example, I am a brother at Alpha Sigma Phi and also a brother at Trigon Engineering Society. I also work for the intramural recreation department as a supervisor while also participating on the women’s basketball practice squad.

Lastly, I am proud to say I’m Indian. I truly love every single experience that I have encountered. All the friends, classmates, and peers I have met or interacted with have always accepted me and taken me for who I am. That is something I will cherish for the rest of life. UVa is the tightest close-knit community I have been a part of. From losing to a 16 seed to conquering the unthinkable and winning the National Championship is just an epitome of UVa in general. UVa will never say no and UVa will always come back stronger, and that is truly why I attend the University of Virginia.