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Monday, November 19, 2018

Preliminary Early Action Numbers from #UVA Admission

24,950 students submitted Early Action applications to UVA this year.We have a lot of reading to do. Keep in mind that we only count completed applications in our official numbers. Some students won't complete their applications (despite many reminders!).

Reading 15% more applications is a big task for our staff and I'm going to ask one big favor of our applicants: use the applicant portal to submit updates and do not email them to deans in our office. Remember that our instructions tell you what credentials we want you to submit. If we don't ask for it, you don't have to spend time on it.

We don't cull the applicant pool using GPAs or testing, so all of those files are going to be reviewed by our team. Here's a recent blog post about why GPA isn't super informative in our review.

It will take several weeks to process all the documents that are arriving in our office right now. Please do not worry about your status page at this time. Once we are caught up on filing, we'll start contacting students by email about missing items. I know some of you have read this on the top of your portal page, but it's important to get this information to as many students as possible!

As for notification, we have always said that EA decisions will be ready by the end of January. It's probably safe to say we're going to need more time than in past years, when we've been able to post decisions early.

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