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Monday, April 30, 2018

Last Minute Notes for #UVA22 Decision Day

We are moments away from May 1st and that means UVA's Class of 2022 is coming together! For those admitted students who are still making their decision, here are a few notes:

1. You must pay the deposit fee to secure your spot in the class.
Some students hit "accept," but don't follow through on paying their fee. We emailed everyone who did this last week to let them know that they won't officially be part of the class until the deposit is paid.

2. SIS is built to work with e-checks.
SIS allows you to type the routing and account numbers from a check to pay your deposit. The system takes some credit cards (not all) and charges a convenience fee for those translations.

3. The Orientation and New Student Programs takes over once your deposit.
Enrolled students should start working on the to-do list on the Orientation website after paying the deposit. That list includes info about summer orientation, housing, dining, and more.

4. Final transcripts must be submitted when available.
Your final high school transcript should be sent once it is available. You won't be able to start classes without a final transcript.

There will be a dean on call during business hours tomorrow if you have any last minute questions. Don't hesitate to reach out to me on social media as well.