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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Days on the Lawn vs Orientation for #UVA22

There seems to be a little confusion out there about the difference between Days on the Lawn and Orientation. They are very different programs with different purposes, so I thought I'd use the blog to explain...

Days on the Lawn

Days on the Lawn are six events the Office of Admission plans for students who are admitted to UVA, but undecided about attending. There are students out there who haven't had a chance to visit UVA or really get to know the school. DOTLs are their chance to get questions answered so they can decide if UVA is right for them.

While DOTLs are fun, they aren't intended to be a pep rally or victory lap for students who already know they're coming to UVA. If you know enough about UVA to submit a deposit, you probably don't need Days on the Lawn. Days on the Lawn is probably going to be too basic for you. What you need is...

Summer Orientation

Summer Orientation is planned by the Orientation and New Student Programs unit in the Dean of Students office for all incoming students. Attending an orientation session is mandatory. There are sessions for each academic area and level (first year vs transfer). If you submitted a deposit to come to UVA next year, you can register for an Orientation session starting on April 2nd.

Orientation is when you'll learn more in-depth information about being a student at UVA. You'll be introduced to many different offices and resources on Grounds, get academic advising, and register for your first semester of classes.

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