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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What Happens at Days on the Lawn?

Two posts in one day! That doesn't happen too often around here.

A comment on this morning's post made me realize that I've been catering to Regular Decision applicants on the blog lately and there are a lot of admitted Early Action applicants who are making plans to visit. This post is also for the RD applicants, of course. Some of you will make plans to visit us for Days on the Lawn in April.

What is Days on the Lawn?
Days on the Lawn (DOTL) are open house days for admitted students. There are two DOTLs in March and six in April. The first one is this coming Monday.

Monday, March 24
Friday, March 28
Friday, April 4
Monday, April 7
Wednesday, April 9
Monday, April 14
Wednesday, April 16
Friday, April 18
 A link to registration, which is required, sent to every admitted student. DOTL is not required.

CavDog expects pets first and registration second.

What happens at Days on the Lawn?
Admission officers and Days on the Lawn student volunteers will greet you at the Emmet & Ivy Parking Garage when you arrive and point you towards the opening session (on the Rotunda steps unless it rains).  We'll have some light refreshments until 9:00 AM.  After a quick hello from administrators, a student will offer some advice for incoming students.  The student talk is usually my favorite part!

After this, you'll be off on the academic part of the day.  Each school and college has an information session or faculty panel (some also offer a tour of their facilities).  The students will break away from the parents to head to classes at some point. 

Throughout the day, representatives from different offices will be available for questions.  There's a resource fair and the Financial Aid staff will be around as well (they are usually able to talk one-on-one with people after the give out some general information, so feel free to bring some questions). 

Different styles of residence halls will be open for tours in the afternoon.  Last year, students were able to visit Brown College (a residential college), a traditional hall on McCormick Road, and a suite style hall on Alderman Road.  These tours are a nice supplement to the pictures and floor plans of first year residence halls on the housing website.

The academic events of the day end with a student panels.  We usually have students from different graduation years and different academic programs on the panel, so a variety of student experiences are represented.

There is no set schedule. You decide what you want to attend. 

 DOTLs are CavDog's favorite days of the year!

What should I wear?
Wear comfortable clothes and shoes you can walk in. You'll be able to wander all over the Grounds and you don't want your attire to slow you down or make you not want to walk over to the residence halls or to the building of the department that interests you.

What if I can't come to a DOTL?
You can do a lot of the same things on another day, but you'll just have to do a little planning. Our "Plan a Visit" page has links to an open class list, the Monroe Society (overnight visit hosts), and other resources for visitors. If you scroll down on the tour page, you'll see that there are department tours offered in addition to the general tour.

Wahoo Love.

Feel free to post DOTL questions. One observation I can share is that one or two days always become the most sought after ones. If a date fills up, please pick a different date.