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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Missing Credentials Emails Going Out!

Remember when I told you not to panic about your status pages? Well, you still shouldn't panic. However, we are now in the process of emailing those of you who are missing key components of your applications (recommendations, test scores, etc.).

Mid-year reports are a "to do" item for everyone, regardless of when an application was submitted. EA decisions come out before most schools send mid-year reports, but if you get an offer or are deferred to the Regular Decision round, we expect your counselor to send those mid-years along. We want you to be aware of this now as opposed to having that pop up late in the game. Some students are apt to stop checking their status once the to do list disappears.

If you get an email about a missing credential, don't panic. Please contact the appropriate folks to get that missing item sent to us as soon as possible. Testing comes to us through electronic transfers from ETS. Teachers can send recommendations through the Common App website or email.

Stay calm.