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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Open the Flood Gates!

Each year, one particular Days on the Lawn date always seems to be especially popular.  I imagine some date lines up perfectly with a very popular spring break week. This year, April 9th was the date.  We hit capacity pretty quickly for April 9th and started making a list of students who wanted to attend in case of cancellations.

After feeling like the crowds at the first two Days on the Law were manageable, we decided to open that April 9th date up to all the students who were on the overflow list.  We have the room to accommodate everyone as long as it doesn't rain.  If it rains, we'll be moving the welcome inside to an auditorium that has very strict rules about capacity due to the fire codes.  We can't fit everyone on that overflow list in that auditorium.

So, here's the plan.  We're going to hope for a sunny day and plan for everyone to come to the Rotunda for the welcome session at 9 AM.  However, if it's raining, we're going to ask that everyone on the overflow list (you'll be getting an email shortly) skip the welcome speeches and join us at 10 AM for the "meat" of the program.

Those who attended the first two DOTL days can attest to the fact that the weather has been absolutely gorgeous, so let's hope the streak continues!

No rain, please.