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Friday, February 10, 2012

Last call for missing credentials!

We sent out an email earlier this week to anyone with an incomplete application and told them that they had until today to get missing credentials to us (that does not include midyear reports, though those should be trickling in, too).  We are still knee deep in the regular decision review and will likely be at it for quite some time.

Amazingly, no one has asked me complained about the wait for their decision yet (last year, I think the first comment came in on February 1st), so I thank you all for understanding that this process takes time.  Though February is a short month, it often feels like the longest because there is little news to share on the blog. Hang in there, everyone.  We're working long hours to make sure every file gets a thorough review, so I might not have as many updates this month as in the past.

Here's a little dose of CavDog for you.  A local photographer snapped this picture of CavDog while we were at a pre-Puppy Bowl brunch.  CavDog was pretty excited for the big game.