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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Regular Decision deadline is around the corner!

The Regular Decision deadline, January 1st, is around the corner.  I thought I'd go over a few notes that might help those getting ready to hit submit.

1. There are three parts to your part of the application.  
We don't see anything until you submit all three parts via
The three parts are the Common App, the UVa Supplement, and the payment.

2. We can't fix problems you have with
Every single page on the Common App website has a "help" link.  
Hit the "help" link if you are having trouble and submit a help request.  

3.  Do not wait until 11:59 PM to submit.
If you have trouble, understand that the Common App team will have many help tickets to answer.

I'll be checking for questions in the comments every day between now and deadline, so fee free to post questions.  I'll also be on Twitter (UVaDeanJ).

 CavDog and I are rooting for you!
Good luck!