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Friday, October 21, 2011

300+ phone calls yesterday about sending test scores

I'm a little worried.  With the deadlines coming up, I think you should be putting the finishing touches on your essays and checking over your Common Applications to make you've found a place for all the important information you want us to know.  Based on the number and tone of the calls we got yesterday (and so far this morning), some of you are freaking out about sending test scores.

When it comes to testing, here's what you need to do:
1.  Send your test scores.
2. Move on to other parts of the application.
Is testing important?  Of course.  It's the one component that the entire pool has in common.  In a time when there are many different grading scales, styles of curricula, and ways to calculate a GPA, it's nice to have something that's standardized across the pool. 

However, this is a holistic review process.  We read the entire file to determine our decision.  Remember that we are trying to see you in the best light possible. 

I fear Score Choice has really complicated the process of sending scores.  We look at the best combination of scores.  When I open a file, our system automatically plucks the best scores out of your record for me to consider.  You don't have to over think sending the scores.  Send them and the system will pick out the best ones.

Stay cool, my friends.