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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The new UVa Bookstore

If you've toured colleges during the summer, you probably know that summer is construction season on many campuses.  When the students leave, the tradespeople and craftsmen go into high gear to get projects done before move-in in August.

I had to run over to the UVa Bookstore yesterday to pick up some software and stopped in my tracks when I walked in the door. The first sign of the summer construction season coming to an end was in front of me. The bookstore extension that was started when the students left last year is almost done.  I snapped a few pictures with my phone...

The bookstore has always had plenty of UVa gear, from embroidered khaki shorts to UVa Snuggies, but there is probably twice as much product now.


The kids' section is probably three times as big as it was before.  Too bad most of the nephews and nieces have parents who attended our ACC rivals.

Girls have loved the Clinque counter and Vera Bradley section in the bookstore, but there are now many more cute dorm room decorations on display. There are plenty of things embroidered or painted with Greek org letters, for those who like to display their affiliations.

I couldn't help take a few pictures of the dog section, which used to take up the edge of one shelf.  CavDog already has a collar and lead set, a tennis ball on a UVa lanyard, and a water bowl.  Do you think he needs a stadium jacket for chilly Days on the Lawn mornings?

I didn't take a pictures of the new Cavalier Computers store inside the bookstore, but it's gigantic.  It's so large that I had to ask someone to help me find that piece of software I needed.

The only project that seemed incomplete was the new Java City counter.  It'll be great to see that open and have the lovely woman who staffs it back.