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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Financial aid update!

The updates keep coming!  Here's a message from the folks over in Student Financial Services:

If you have applied for Financial Aid and you submitted all your forms by the March 1st priority filing date, you should be able to see your preliminary award beginning around April 5th.  Please don’t call Student Financial Services asking where your award is, as we are hard at work putting them together! 
When your award is available, you should receive an email notification informing you of this.  After you receive this email, you should then be able to view your award by going into the SIS and clicking “View Financial Aid” under the Finances section.  Choose the “2012” aid year. 
If you did not get all your required documents in by March 1st, or if you had or still have To Do List items, rest assured that you will still receive a preliminary financial aid award, most likely within a few weeks of your last documents being received by Student Financial Services.  Make sure you complete your To Do List items, as SFS cannot complete your preliminary award without them.  Awards are processed weekly on Thursdays, so notifications will come out on Thursday or Friday each week throughout the month of April.

Many of the most common questions you will have at this time will be answered on our website, so please be sure to visit here before contacting Student Financial Services.

The Office of Admission and Student Financial Services (SFS) are totally separate at UVa.  When I read an application, I don't have access to the financial forms and documents you submitted if you applied for aid.   I happen to like this...your finances and tuition bill are between you and SFS.  Unfortunately, it also means that I'm not the best person to ask questions about aid.