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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Q&A with Dean J

I fear that you don't always go back to threads where you commented with a question.  Here are some answers to recent questions.
TN said...
When we will receive email confirmation of our arts supplements? 
We don't send emails confirming receipt of application components.  Required elements are checked in and you'll see them come off your "to do" list n the SIS.  Supplements that you send on top of the required credentials are not noted on the status page.
Hannah said...
Hi Dean J,

I just have a quick question. My guidance conselor was really busy this year. She only told me today that she accidently typed my GPA wrong on the SSR form. (I know there is very little difference to no difference between a GPA of 4.32 and 4.33, but does she have to resend a SSR form? I know on my transcript and the common app form my GPA is correct. Thank you so much. I'm sorry my question may seem silly
We check to make sure the SSR and transcript agree.  When they don't, we err on the side of using the statistic on the transcript. No worries!
L said...
I searched the blog, and I understand that you want us to stay roughly within the word limits, but I have been told that it is only detrimental to go over the limits provided, and points will begin to dock if I do so--will you really look at the specific word count, or see the about a half-page, and not mind 15 extra words? 
We don't count words here.  We also don't have a point system in place when we review applications, so we would never "dock" someone for a component of their application. 
 ghc710 said...
Dear Dean J,

I'm applying as a freshman to UVa. My application has not been submitted yet, but my testing scores and seconday school transcript have. Will it be a problem if the admissions office receives those documents before my application?
I answered this question in the post about behind the scene logistics. Application components have come in separately for decades.  
Anonymous said...
Hi Dean J,
I successfully submitted all three parts of my application to UVA, what do I do now? Will I get an email from UVA with some sort of login information?
This is addressed in the applications instructions.  There is an entire section called "After you submit your application."  Be sure to read that! 

Be sure to read application instructions, folks!
Anonymous said...
Just to clarify, the three parts of our application just have to be sent by January 1st. You don't need to have actually received them by that date though, correct? 
You must submit your items online by 11:59 PM on January 1st.    
 anam said...
Dean J,

I'm appering for my SAT subject test on 22nd january 2011.Will the test scores be considered after the application deadline?

There is a time line right on our admission information page that spells this out.  While you may take standardized tests in January, we will not get the scores until the middle or end of February.  It it quite late in the process.  We will take them, of course, but the chances are that a few readers will have already looked at your file by that point.

Feel free to post questions in the comments.  Make sure to check back to see my answers, though!