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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Travel preparations

Today was a preparation day for my week in northern Virginia.  First, I made a trip to the Greek diner that reminds me of where I grew up.  I bet some of you can guess where I'm from knowing that information.

Then came a trip to the office with the rental car to pick up materials to take on the road with me.  I think NOVA will be a three box trip.  I actually hope I'll bring home some materials since so many of the students I'll meet will already know the basics.  This is why I love my NOVA trips so much.  Most students ask questions that are a little pretty sophisticated.

Peabody Hall was very quiet, but I ran into one colleague who just got home from a trip. 

Good-bye Peabody Hall.  Good-bye Alexander Calder statue. 

Next up came a marathon fetch session with CavDog, who was cooped up for a few days because of some rain.  He was a happy dog when we were outside, but as soon as we came in and I started packing my suitcase, he was sulking.  As I wrote before, CavDog isn't a big fan of travel season.

Now it's time to sign off and start the two hour drive to my temporary home for the next week.  In case you missed it, here's my schedule of visits for the week:

Monday, October 4
9:30 AM Freedom High School
11:00 AM Park View High School
12:45 PM Herndon High School
2:30 PM Potomac Falls High School

Tuesday, October 5
8:30 AM Wakefield High School
10:00 AM Stuart High School
1:00 PM Annandale High School
7:00 PM Lake Braddock High School

Wednesday, October 6
8:00 AM James Madison High School
9:30 AM Oakton High School
11:00 AM Fairfax High School
1:30 PM Marshall High School

Thursday, October 7
8:30 AM Langley High School
10:00 AM McLean High School
11:30 AM Yorktown High School
1:30 PM Washington-Lee High School

Friday, October 8
8:15 AM Hayfield Secondary School
9:30 AM Lee High School
11:00 AM Edison High School
12:45 PM WT Woodson High School

I'll be back in the area in two weeks for another five days of visits.