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Sunday, September 12, 2010

New England Group Travel

In a little over an hour, I'll be meeting up with old friends from Johns Hopkins and Northwestern, plus a new one from UC Berkeley for the first of five evening program in New England. If you're on any of our mailing lists, we probably already know this because we mailed and emailed invitations to these programs last month. However, if you'd like to join us this week, you can RSVP via our "UVa Visits You" page.

Our evening programs:

Sunday, September 12 - Noble & Greenough School (MA)
Monday, September 13 - Andover High School (MA)
Tuesday, September 14 - Providence Marriott Downtown (RI)
Wednesday, September 15 - Darien High School (CT)
Thursday, September 16 - Simsbury High School (CT)

We'll also be hosting counselor breakfasts each morning for your guidance staffs, who also received invitations by mail and email last month.

Hope to see some of you this week!