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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Waitlist update #3

We're still working through the waitlist.

From the comments on the last post, I think I need to direct you back to the original posts I wrote about the waitlist. This takes time because we are reading files. We don't make offers based solely on statistics (GPA, testing, rank, etc). This is a holistic process and it takes time.

I think some of you may have assumed that there are official "rounds" in this process. I used the term to describe why making waitlist offers takes time. We make some offers, we give students some time to think about them, some accept, and some decline. Then we make more offers to fill in the spots where offers were declined.

The timeline was spelled out in my original waitlist post and in the waitlist FAQ. We aim to have this wrapped up by the end of June. Some colleges out there will take longer and some schools are probably done already.

W e know the wait is tough.
We promise that we're working as quickly as we can.