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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A look inside the residence halls

Just in case you haven't found them yet, the housing office has photos of students' rooms from various halls around Grounds. While I'm sure some of the students did some tidying up before the photographers showed up, these were not rooms set up by the University.

Note: these are just pages with pictures. Go to the housing website to read general info about each building. There are more halls than those below. This is just a list of the pages with photos.

McCormick Road Halls
Alderman Road Halls (here's a special page about Kellogg Hall and some info about future buildings)
Brown College (also check out Brown's website)
International Residence College

As a little bonus, here's a blog entry written by a 2004 graduate who saved pictures of both his first year and fourth year rooms (he lived off Grounds his fourth year). Perhaps these are a better representations of men's residence hall rooms!