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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Days on The Lawn wrap up

Days on The Lawn are now behind us and you're probably either decided to close to making a decision that will end your college search. If you are planning another visit between now and decision day, make sure to check the Plan a Visit page for open class options and for information about staying overnight with The Monroe Society.

Heads up, though: the end of the semester is coming, so some courses are going into presentation mode and might not have traditional lectures. Just be flexible if you sit in on some classes.

I want to take a second to share a cool exchange that happened at DOTL the other day. It was a very rainy day, so the morning session was moved into Old Cabell Hall. Old Cabell Hall is known for it's beautiful theater and a massive, eleven panel mural called "The Student's Progress", which was painted by Lincoln Perry. Anyone who spends more than a few minutes in the lobby finds themselves inspecting the mural and finding a new detail they never noticed before (like the dog over the staircase on the right side that looks like a certain canine you all know).

As our DOTL visitors went off to school-specific sessions, I chatted with a few student volunteers in the lobby about how the events were going. A man walked up to our group and asked one of the students if she wouldn't mind being painted. I had assumed he was the father of a visiting student, but he was actually Lincoln Perry, there to add to the mural.

Off the student went to scamper up the scaffolds so Lincoln Perry could add her to the famous mural. I can just picture this student returning to UVa many years from now and pointing to her 20 year old self, immortalized in the Old Cabell Hall mural.