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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Last Minute Questions (follow up)

The comments on the post below are getting a little unwieldy, so I'm posting some of the questions and answers here.

Q1. How far back in a prospective students record do you look back. For example elementary/middle school awards etc. Thank you. (from Anonymous)

A1. Colleges are only really concerned with the high school record. Of course, if you did something amazing in 8th grade, you're welcome to tell us about it, but by amazing I mean something that garnered national attention. You don't have to tell us that you won the Presidential Fitness Award in middle school. ;)

Q2. Hi, is the extended deadline Friday 11:59pm, or Thursday 12 midnight? (from Jane)

A2. You can read all deadlines as 11:59 PM on the date listed.

Q3. I am a Hispanic female from Texas seeking admission to University of Virginia as a freshman applicant. On your application, I am writing an essay responding to the prompt about your favorite word. My favorite word, quite honestly, isn't actually a word--it's my last name. In my opinion, I wrote a strong essay about why I enjoy my last name and related this to my heritage and the diversity I could offer at UVA. Would this essay be viewed negatively because I did not follow directions and choose an actual word? I am unsure if you can comment on this, but I was just curious. Thank you. (from Anonymous)

A3. We see people take the questions in different directions all the time. No worries about being a little different.

Q4. On the "Deadlines Looming" post, it was mentioned that teachers and guidance councilors have until January 10th to get their information to you. On my Application Status Checking, it says that my transcript has not yet been received. I understand that there's a lot of processing going on and I'm fine with waiting, but the January 10th deadline has me nervous. I mailed my recommendations and transcript and school profile, etc. the last week of December (from New Hampshire). Should I fax another copy of my transcript, etc. down to be sure I make the deadline, or just wait? Thank you very much! (from Anonymous)

A4. Don't worry about anything for at least another three weeks. We'll contact you if there's something missing in your file.

Q5. My son's ED app was deferred. Per your advice on earlier posts, he will be sending new materials that will strengthen his app when it is reconsidered during RD. The most significant additional data piece will be available around 2/9. If all his new info is in by the 2/15 fall term grades deadline, will it receive full consideration when his app is re-read and argued?
Are deferred ED apps held until after 2/15 for "re-review"? Thanks for the help and insight you give to this application process! (from Anonymous)

A5. There's no specific date set for the move from reviewing RD applications to ED defers. In general, that happens in mid-February. I think that having everything in by February 15th, when we ask for all mid-year grades to be in, will be just fine.

If you're asking in reference to standardized test scores, I have to say that they rarely "make or break" an application. ED applications are often deferred simply because we only have information from 9-11th grades and we want to see senior grades before making a decision. Getting the mid-year report in to us is most important at this point.

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