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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

What are fraternities all about?

According to one student, fraternities are about exactly what the stereotype indicates.

The Beta Theta Pi International Fraternity, Inc. had its charter revoked early in the summer by the General Fraternity, the fraternity's international governing body, for failing to comply with the General Fraternity's regulations.

The chapter subsequently lost its membership in the University's Inter-Fraternal Council.

Kennedy said Beta Theta Pi is dedicated to building its program called "Men of Principle."

"They want us to be a model fraternity with the best, gentlemanly guys with the most class and the least amount of drinking," Kennedy said. "It's almost like taking away what fraternities are about -- People getting together and having a good time, and most times it involves drinking."-The Cavalier Daily, 8/24/2005

Being new around here, I wasn't sure what to make of that quote, but I'm liking UVA's student newspaper for printing it!

They definitely gave me my first laugh of the day