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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where's Dean J?

As I've shared before, UVa will be using the Common App and moving to a new student information system next year (if you've heard current students complain about ISIS, you'll be happy to hear it won't exist in the near future). The preparations have been going on for about three years, but the end (or really "start") is in sight.

I now divide my time between the Office of Admission and the office that is responsible for setting up and preparing for the implementation of the new system. Some days, I'm surrounded by antiques in Peabody Hall with a window overlooking a busy lawn full of students going to class, and other days I'm surrounded by computers with a view of the highway.

The point is to let you all know why my comments aren't as quick and frequent right now. I'll still be at Days on the Lawn (admitted student events on Mondays and Fridays in April), but I won't have my eyes on the blog as consistently as I have for the last few months.